Every Small Business Needs an I.T. Department

At Craig Technology Consulting, our goal is to provide Information Technology solutions to small businesses, non-profit / civic organizations, and city & county government offices. We believe your organization, regardless of size, should have every strategic advantage that technology offers. Since 2009, Craig Technology Consulting has provided I.T. solutions to hundreds of businesses and organizations in Central Missouri.

  • Computer repair service
  • Website Development and Management
  • Web Marketing Services
  • Reliable, High-Performance workstations & server computers
  • Data Rescue and Recovery
  • Networking solutions
  • Data Backup Systems
  • Software solutions for business management
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • Small Business Accounting solutions

The above list is far from complete. We understand that no two organizations are alike and you may have specific needs not mentioned above. We invite you to call us today, as the solution to your issues may be more easily attainable than you realize.

Finding a solution and support for your specific needs starts with Craig Technology Consulting. Take a few minutes to explore our site and discover what the power of having your own I.T. department can do for your business or organization.

If you need immediate assistance, click the SUPPORT button to contact the professionals at Craig Technology Consulting.